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As our featured vendor spotlight blogs continues, we’d like to showcase one of our favorite Birmingham professionals, Shindigs. If you haven’t experienced their wonderful food and service, read on to learn more about what you are missing!Shindigs 1

As we enter into a busy spring and summer full of events, we have loved getting to know each and every client’s personalities and tastebuds . Shindigs is a catering company that focuses on lagniappe to more easily exceed expectations, we take an approach to uncover those potential gifts through an unmatched attention to detail. Knowing that each client and event is unique, we are given the opportunity to use our skills and resources to help achieve a new level of catering experiences. Instead of good measure, we must know each couple’s favorite dishes and nostalgic ingredients so that our Executive Chef and Owner, Mac Russell, can try to create their dreams by tweaking every detail. Although we have signature items and can produce any dish exceptionally, we feel most proud when our events are direct reflections of each client’s personality and wishes. We are excited to be a part of a more sustainable food movement in Birmingham. We are fueled by our passion of continued personal and spiritual growth and try to provide delicious food while using seasonal and fresh ingredients as a hobby!



Choosing sustainable practices and not taking short cuts whether that is resisting commercially convenient goods and being accountable to local farmers and ranchers, or implementing control measures for exhaustive efficiency that promotes consistency, spending profits on infrastructure, growing our healthy mentality, letting seasons supply our ingredients, and being best stewards of everything we purchase or have been given to us are a few ways we supplement our agricultural progress.

Our seed to fork focus continues to help us stay accountable for the future. Until we can gather everything under our umbrella, we independently support the local food trend, but as we grow, we plan on growing our protein production to include pigs, rabbit, chicken, goats and Hereford cattle. We already source most of our produce from our farms in Morgan Springs and Marion Junction, Alabama. The bounty from the farm will soon be available for retail as delicious put-ups, preserves and jarred goods. We love to plant, nurture, and harvest our own vegetables. This gives us the opportunity to oversee the whole process and promote quality and stewardship during growth, and eventually, preparation and service. Even if it was not popular, we would support food production by using techniques that protect the environment, public health, human communities and animal welfare for the obvious social benefits of our peers.


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Another trend that we love is specialty and signature cocktails at events. It is especially fun at weddings to serve guests the couple’s favorite drinks with a fun twist! We love using ingredients that we have coming in from the farms to create exciting combinations with an amazing balance. One of our favorite drinks, the Birmingham Buck, is Bourbon based with fresh-squeezed juices, homemade bitters, Buffalo Rock ginger ale and garnished with a pickled cherry.


Each event begins with the client’s inquiry via email or phone call . Once we have determined our availability, we gather information and send a starter proposal to each customer to begin the conversation. This proposal lets them highlight their likes and thus illuminate the path, while giving a glimpse of what we can offer and engaging their desires. Their feedback and favorites leads us to another proposal that encourages a final decision and deposit! From start to finish, we are immersed to help guide and assist in any way possible. Our team is made up of intentional individuals who are solely invested in promoting the highest quality food and service for our clients no matter how casual. Whether the event is for 2,000 people and centered on the food truck, or a formal, seated dinner for two, we will work to exceed expectations every time!

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