In Celebration of National Spouse’s Day

January 26 is annually recognized as National Spouse’s Day, a holiday just for letting your better half know how much they are appreciated. While it sounds a lot like Valentine’s Day, the two are quite different.


We love candy hearts, chocolate and Cupid as much as anybody else, but National Spouse’s Day is particularly special for those who have entered into the lifelong commitment of marriage. This special holiday is a fantastic opportunity – and an excellent reminder – to show gratitude to the person you’ll be with forever, and often. After all, gratitude – or simply saying “thank you” – could be the key to a joyful relationship; in a 2015 study from the University of Georgia, 468 married people answered questions about their spouses and relationships, with researchers identifying gratitude as the best indicator of happiness in marriage.


Does your guy know you’re over-the-moon for him? If you haven’t reminded him lately, make an effort tomorrow (and year-round) to communicate just that, and see how far it goes. From preparing his favorite breakfast to packing a handwritten note with his lunch or organizing a last-minute date night, there are one million ways to say thank you and show your husband how amazing he really is. Chances are, he’ll return the favor!


Photography credit: Rachel & Noah Ray 

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