Local Praise: Molly + Joanna of Irrelephant

It’s our pleasure to introduce our readers to the incredibly talented ladies of Irrelephant Blog. Molly Stilley and Joanna Ballentine, besties and co-entrepreneurs, are experts in styling all things organic, romantic and dreamy. As licensed cosmetologists, they are also masters in creating picture-perfect bridal hair and makeup according to each client’s unique vision. We couldn’t be happier to welcome them to the Invision Blog today. Take a look at their gorgeous work – we promise you’ll leave inspired!  


In a nutshell, how and when did Irrelephant come about?
To start, Irrelephant is made up of two stylists, Molly and Joanna! That’s us! Irrelephant represents a handful of things for both of us. This little business started very humbly when we were both at a local salon. It began as just a way for us to express ourselves creatively. Through editorial work and our love of weddings, the Lord blessed our work and allowed it to blossom into dream careers. This little business allows us to be with our babies and pursue our creative dreams – along with loving on brides and clients alike!


What types of services or products do you offer to clients?
We provide bridal and event hair and makeup services. We strive to give each of our brides a personal experience, helping them develop the look they have imagined for their big day, down to the smallest detail. We believe each person has their own inner and outer beauty, and we love being a part of reflecting those things on a big occasion or even on just a typical day.


How would you describe your style, and what inspires it?
An Irrelephant bride is someone who loves simplicity, elegance, and a little bit of messiness in their lives. Our style, through our work, reflects these things, and our inspiration is usually drawn from people in their day to day life. For example, the way someone’s hair naturally falls or someone’s face shape. We are both photographers, so we are both very inspired by light and mood.


What is a recent bridal trend you’re a fan of, and how do you plan to incorporate that into your work in 2017?
One trend we think will take off this year and we’re definitely excited about is smooth and clean looks. We’ll try to incorporate 2017 trends with our editorial looks to hopefully to inspire our brides.


What advice would you give a bride who is still contemplating the look-and-feel of her wedding?
We feel a good way to help our brides find the look they are wanting is to declutter. With Pinterest and other people’s opinions, this can be very hard. You have so many things telling you what your wedding should look like and how you should feel at each moment, when really it comes down to what makes you happy, what reminds you of the love you have for your future spouse and, ultimately, what makes you feel like you at your most beautiful. One may hear this and still be confused and still wonder what the answer is. Our simple answer is to try and take away all distractions, and go back to the basics. Really focus on what makes you happy, even if it isn’t the standard of the wedding industry.














Thanks, Molly and Joanna, for sharing your heart and passion with us. We can’t wait for some amazing collaboration in 2017!

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