Local Praise: Leslie Hollingsworth Photography

Next to the subjects of a photo, light makes an amazing impact on photography, and if there’s anyone who has mastered this art, it’s our incredible friend and local Birmingham photographer, Leslie Hollingsworth. Leslie graduated from the University of Alabama with a degree in fashion and merchandising, but it didn’t take long for her to discover her true life’s calling — photography. While she started out taking pictures of kids and family, she made the transition to wedding photography and hasn’t looked back since. Taking a lifestyle approach to her work, Leslie’s brides enjoy not only their photos but also the stories she so amazingly captures on a wedding day.

In a nutshell, how did your photography business come about?
I started in photography after my kids were born and quickly began taking photos of kids and families – all the while professing I would NEVER shoot weddings because it was just too much pressure. Well, I shot my first wedding for a friend and I absolutely fell in love with it, and I never looked back. Now I ONLY shoot weddings, and I love everything about it!
What are three words you’d use to describe your photography style, and what inspires it?
Three words to describe my photography: light-filled, timeless and authentic. I am inspired by the relationships of my couples, along with their friends and families. I am ALWAYS looking for the perfect light, and I love catching authentic moments that other people might not always see. I also LOVE working with brides – my passion is making them look and feel beautiful!
As a photographer, what are your favorite moments to capture for a couple on film? 
Even though I don’t EVER push for a first look – these might be my favorite moments. Because it’s the most raw and emotional moment they will have the entire day. And to be able to capture that so that they can remember it years later, is just priceless. I also am in love with sunset photos after the ceremony. These ALWAYS turn out beautiful because it’s more about the connection between the couple at this point – they are so happy because they have just tied the knot, and it SO apparent in the photos.
What are the most important qualities a bride should search for when deciding on a photographer? 
First of all, the bride HAS to love the photographers work – their style, how they shoot, moments they capture, etc. After that, It’s so important to meet them whether it’s in person or on a call. As a bride, the person that you will be with the most that day is the photographer, and she will want to make sure that they can get along with them. Because the photographer can TOTALLY set the mood of the day!
The Magic City is booming! What are some of your favorite Birmingham spots for engagement shoots and/or weddings?
I love shooting downtown – only because there are so many different spots whether you want a “natural” look or a more “urban” look. I also have a few places of my own that I love to go to that has amazing light. As far as weddings, Birmingham has some AMAZING architecture downtown! The newest place I’ve been to is the Thomas Jefferson Hotel, and it is STUNNING – they also have an outdoor patio which is just beautiful at night!
Thank you, Leslie, for sharing a taste of your passion with us! It’s so evident in everything you do, and that’s just one of the million reasons we absolutely LOVE working with you.

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