Bridal Etiquette Series: The Hair & Makeup Dilemma

There are few things more fun than the thought of getting all glammed up with your bridesmaids on your wedding day! Dressing together and having your hair and makeup done while sipping coffee or mimosas is sure to be one of your favorite wedding morning memories, but what’s a bride to do when it comes to affording hair and makeup services for her maids?

It’s a great question, and the way we see it, you’ve got four options.

  1. Offer to pay for your girls’ hair and makeup.
    While you can’t force anyone to participate, and while it may be the costlier option, your bridesmaids will likely appreciate the opportunity to be pampered. Plus, if you go with this choice, you can rest easy knowing your party will appear consistent and uniform, which is especially important when it comes to your photos. This is probably the most popular option we see our clients select.
  2. Offer to provide hair and makeup artists, and shoulder a percentage of the cost.
    In this situation, your girls will still appreciate the opportunity to be pampered, but you can split the cost with them evenly or otherwise. In this scenario, we suggest covering at least 20 percent of the cost.
  3. Offer hair and makeup services at your bridesmaids’ expense.
    There is absolutely nothing wrong with asking your girls to cover the cost for hair and makeup,
    if they want it. Having been a bridesmaid in this situation, I appreciate when this expense is provided free of cost, but I have never minded paying the fee to be made up. Just make certain to let your girls know well in advance this will be their responsibility so they can stash away a little cash.
  4. Allow your bridesmaids to handle their hair and makeup on their own.
    With this option, communicate to your girls ahead of time that they’re welcomed to have their hair and makeup done for the wedding or do it themselves. To make it easier (especially for out-of-town bridesmaids), provide a list of 4-5 salons around town in different price ranges. Keep in mind, however, your desired “look” may or may not come together as you hoped it would.

Where do you stand on the hair and makeup dilemma? Tell us in the comments!

*Thanks to Amy Arrington Photography for the gorgeous imagery below, and for Lynsey Richardson, who did a knockout job on these ladies’ hair and makeup!

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