She Said Yes: Alex Perry

Kick off your weekend with another precious proposal! This week, we’re sharing our own Invision Events team member (and Invision bride) Alex’s story! Try not to melt into a puddle on the floor – we definitely did. πŸ™‚

Tell us how you met your husband.
Fate definitely works through friends and family, and our story shows that! A couple of years before we met, I was introduced to Wes’ older sister. She had become friends with my brother and sister, and we quickly became friends, as well. Wes is actually a year older than me, and during his freshman year at Ole Miss, he met my brother and they bonded easily over their love of hunting. Our paths finally crossed during football season 2009. Wes became a close confidant of mine, and supported me during the last semester of my senior year of high school. Once it was my time to move to Oxford, Wes was there to ease the transition and introduce me to all of his friends. We started dating in October 2010, and the rest is history!

Tell us about your proposal.
I cannot keep secrets and do not like surprises. During the week prior to the weekend that Wes had chosen to propose, I happened to check OpenTable to see where we would be eating. My parents had already planned to be in town, but that was all I knew. I saw a reservation for 12 people and immediately knew that his proposal would come that weekend. I called my roommate and best friend, Mary Bryant and started asking countless questions. She calmly told me there must be a flaw in the reservation system because she knew Wes was proposing over Thanksgiving – and I believed her. We were all going to dinner on Friday night and I was still expecting Wes to get on one knee, but he never did. The next morning I had to work until noon. When I came home he was on one knee, behind the door to my apartment. I immediately started crying and was in such shock I actually closed the door in his face! Mary Bryant was there to film it all, which I am forever grateful for β€” I love getting to re-watch the proposal. Little did I know that the reservation for 12 was for both of our entire families, which he had arranged, and they all joined us in Birmingham. The weekend was perfect in every way. I was deflated on Friday night but thrilled, shocked and emotional on Saturday. This is one secret that I did not spill and one surprise that I loved!

Thanks to Kelli + Daniel Taylor Photography for providing the beautiful images below!

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