What To Wear To a Small Wedding

In the time of Covid-19, guest lists are staying small, and that’s a good thing. But when you’re attending a wedding with just a few other people, there’s a good chance you’ll appear in most of the photos, so it’s important to not stick out. Thankfully, we have some ideas on how to choose the just-right look for a wedding that’s on the smaller side.

Follow the dress code

We’ll be the first ones to admit that dress codes can be confusing. (What is “Southern Summer Chic” anyway?) That said, some couples are specific about the colors and styles they want their guests to arrive in—and you’d be a lousy guest if you didn’t comply. That means that if the invitation calls for a Razzle Dazzle dress code, it’s time to whip out the sequins. *Photos by Charla Storey

Do a little research

Still stumped by an invite’s dress code? Googling a wedding’s location can help you figure out the vibe a couple is going for on their big day. Is it on the beach? Think breezy linen and flat shoes. Or if they’re tying the knot in the yard of a stately manor, you may want to consider a romantic cocktail dress and heels. An invitation can also give you clues to the day’s color palette, which can help inform your look. *Photos by Kat Braman

Reach out to the couple

Normally, we wouldn’t suggest texting a bride with a few of your outfit options (she’s probably busy making a few other big-day decisions), but if the guest list is truly tiny, it’s ok to ping the bride or groom to have them ok your outfit. That way you won’t stick out in photos as the only guest wearing bright red among a sea of neutral shades. *Photos by Rachel and Noah Ray Photography

Ask around

At a small wedding, there’s a good chance that you’ll know most of the other people attending. In that case, ask other guests what they’re planning to wear. That way you’ll all look coordinated and chic in the photos—and you’ll avoid a potentially embarrassing twinning moment. *Photos by Kristin Sweeting

And remember: Just because a wedding is a smaller soiree, it doesn’t mean it’s not an opportunity to dress your best. *Photos by Clark Brewer

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