Little Black Book: Southeastern Photographers

The flowers from your big day won’t last forever—but your wedding photos will. So it’s important that you hire a photographer who understands your style, personalities, and venue. Because when you really think about it, the pictures taken at your ceremony and reception will be the memories that you’ll display in your home, revisit every year on your anniversary, and show your grandchildren someday. Nobody understands this more than us! As part of our Little Black Book series, we’ll be sharing our lists of our favorite wedding photographers from across the country. We previously covered the West Coast, the East Coast, and now we’re giving you our favorites in the Southeast.


Clark Brewer

Posed pictures have their place in this world, but Nashville-based Clark is all about capturing the unplanned moments: the kiss you two steal when you think no one’s looking, or when Aunt Kathy busts out one of her classic moves on the dance floor. And if moving pictures are more your things, he also shoots Super 8 videos. 

Ben Finch

From engagement photos to getting-ready shots with your bridesmaids, Ben is there to capture it all. His classic composition and excellent lighting mean these are the pics you’ll be posting on Instagram for every anniversary—and maybe even more often. He’s also always down for an adventure, which means he’s always in the right place to get the perfect shot.

Tec Petaja

If you’ve always imagined yourself as an ethereal bride, Tec’s high-fashion style will capture every rustle of tulle and every tendril of your bouquet. He may be Nashville-based, but he’ll travel anywhere, from Santa Barbara to Montenegro.

Natalie Watson

Natalie got her start as a newspaper photographer, a job that taught her that making her subjects comfortable always made for better photos. She’s carried that over to her current day job, where she photographs engagements and weddings all over the world, capturing all the  genuine moments along the way.


Elizabeth Austin

Between her stunning black and white getting-ready photos and her gorgeous detail shots, it’s hard to choose what we love the most about Liz’s photography. She’s captured a diverse range of ceremonies in a wide array of places, but each one has this in common: the couple’s love is obvious in the photos.  

Anna Shackleford

Along with her husband, Dan, who she met her freshman year of college, Anna produces the kind of wedding photos that you can wait to frame. Their portraits are so much more than posed lineups, and the timelessness of their style means that you’ll cherish the photos forever and ever.

Victor Villatoro

From snaps of your wedding day bling to bridal portraits that are filled with glamor, Victor has an eye for style (he went to fashion school) and a love of natural light, which comes through in each of his snaps. He shoots engagement photos as well as the big day, always with an encouraging and calm attitude. 


Lance Nicoll

Lance’s eye for capturing classic and timeless moments make his work stand out among the rest. Whether you’re exchanging vows on a mountaintop or in a chapel, his fine-art photography (he has a Master’s from SCAD) is a true thing of beauty that you’ll cherish forever.


Charla Storey

Dallas-based Charla embraces color and light in every photo she takes, whether she’s photographing at a French Chateau or a darling Cape May chapel. Before she even picks up a camera, she’ll get to know your story so that on the big day, she’ll be able to anticipate the perfect moment, even before it happens. 

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