The Getaway

Happy happy Friday! Earlier this week I was in class (on Pinterest…cough cough) and kept stumbling upon the most stunning photos of weddings. The pictures that grabbed my attention the most were what I like to refer to as, the “getaway” photos. It’s what happens at the end of every wedding when the blissful bride and groom hold hands, run through the crowd and head off to their honeymoon. Here are a few of my favorite getaway ideas…

First we have the sparklers. Ah, they make the most gorgeous pictures! See for yourself from our very own Sarah and Allen‘s wedding!


Photographer: C W F Photography

Another creative idea for a getaway is to use shakers that represent your favorite team. This is such a sweet idea, especially if the bride and groom pull for two different teams. It’s no mess and easy to hand out. For example, at Mallie and Mark‘s wedding they had Auburn and Mississippi State shakers and it was adorable!



Then there’s my personal favorite, the best of both worlds. Why not combine the two into one?! Sparklers and shakers were done at Magen and William‘s wedding. It’s just too good to be true!



Photography: Little Acorn Photography

Last but certainly not least, there are always the traditional flowers. Some brides throw the hot commodities out the window and stick to the simplicity of flower pedals being tossed into the air. I loved Ann-Holland and Ethan‘s tiny flowers that the guests threw!


Photography: Q Avenue Photo

How can brides ever pick?! I anxiously wait for the getaway at every wedding. Just when you think it’s over, you get to toss flowers or light a sparkler. The night just gets better and better with one last “Hurrah!” Until next Friday…



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