Spring trend: Back to Classic

In my work as creative director for Invision Events, I get the pleasure of seeing and guiding our client’s wedding style coming to life. However, I am merely editing the style that our brides intrinsically have. They are the ones who know what they are drawn to and what they want to feel on their wedding day. It is my job to interpret that into reality and more fully develop the thought that the bride has already.

As much as we love seeing new and exciting things in weddings, there are definite trends and currents that brides will either gravitate towards or flow with naturally. I’ve been immersed in our spring brides’ design files and the trend in our section of the wedding world is a move back to classic. I couldn’t love it more.

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I stumbled upon this image and fell in love with for one particular wedding this spring that has a strictly classic design. I’ve already used that image to build a design concept for that wonderful couple (I am literally bursting at the seams to get to share that wedding, but must wait until May!), so I thought I would repurpose it into a more generalized design scheme that would translate to my thoughts on classic as a whole.

Many in the industry will call me crazy, but I’m pulling the color blush back out. It’s been a strong wedding player for quite a while and it is seen a lot. My thoughts are to use it in a different way. Focus on rose gold metallic accents (flatware, calligraphy ink, etc) instead of blush bridesmaids. Let white be your main color. My obsession with long stemmed white garden roses is coming full circle. A lose bouquet instead of tight arrangements. Vintage monograms on linen and antique silver pieces. Embossing, tone on tone printing, etc. to keep ornate pieces in check with the simplicity of the palette.

So, join in with me in our celebration of the classic side of weddings. Here’s to a most lovely spring season on our design calendar!

Until next time, XOXO Julie

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