Wedding Party Gifts

Recently I have gotten the privilege of being a bridesmaid in some of my dearest friends weddings. Little did I know, the bride and groom usually buy the bridal party a gift. I always thought the gift was just being able to be a small part of their special day, but often there is more. I’ve seen everything from personalized stationery to whiskey to jewelry! It’s hard to pick favorites, but after scrolling through some of our own weddings, I think I’ve found mine. Take a look…

For the ladies, robes are a wonderful! Ah yes, the classic robes. It’s the perfect way to give a gift while adding beautiful color to pictures! Mary Caroline (and Forrest), one of our spring brides, gave robes as gifts to her bridesmaids and the pictures turned out beautiful! She was in white, while her bridesmaids were in a bright blue.



{Photography: Heather Durham Photography}

For the gentlemen, whiskey is a classic go-to gift. It’s universal and not many men will say no to some high quality alcohol. Whiskey isn’t cheap either, so most men really appreciate this gesture.



{Styled shoot: Sawtooth Plantation // Photography: Heather Durham Photography }

For Emily and David’s wedding, Emily decided to go with two bridesmaids gifts. She went the robe route as well as buying them small bouquets of flowers with their names on them! Flowers are one of my favorite things in the world, so I couldn’t resist sharing this gift idea!



{Photography: Little Acorn Photography }

Every wedding I’ve been in I have been sure to keep the gifts so I can treasure the day forever. They are my happy little reminders of all the beautiful days I got to play a small role in. Whether it’s a Yeti Koozie for the groomsmen or personalized stationery for the bridesmaids, small gifts are the perfect way to say thank you! Who doesn’t love presents?!




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