Veils on Veils on Veils

A wedding dress isn’t complete without one vital piece, you guessed it, the veil. It’s one of my favorite wedding traditions and in my opinion, it’s one of the most elegant parts of the bride’s attire. I’ll be staring in awe at how beautiful she looks and then BAM, the veil goes on and it’s the perfect finishing touch. Veils are timeless.

Although they sound so simple, each bride chooses a unique looking veil that reflects who she is and her style. Some brides prefer the shorter ones with no lace, other brides choose long veils that end up being their train and on a rare occasion, you may see the old-fashioned birdcage style veil. Call it outdated, but if a bride can rock the birdcage veil she’s got my vote.

Between our own brides here at Invision, other weddings and Pinterest, I have chosen some of the most stunning veils of 2015…


{Photography: Bill Waldorf}

SONY DSC{Photography: Colleen Amelia}


{Photography: Shelby & GriffinKim Box Photography }


{Photography: Wynn & Matt,  Kim Box Photography}


{Photography: Admoni Photography }

Short or long, train or no train, lace or no lace. Let’s face it, anyway these brides wear a veil it sure is breathtaking.



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