She Said Yes: Chloe Schultz

Up next in our She Said Yes series is a couple of charming college sweethearts whose love for each other runs deep, as does their passion for architecture, Auburn, helping others and a NYC lifestyle! Read on to discover Chloe’s take on their heartwarming story and why their connection is perfect by its very design.


How did you meet?

Sean and I met the summer after our freshman year of college at Auburn University.  We were both enrolled in the architecture program called ‘summer option,’ which is an intensive summer studio where half the students are accepted into the architecture program and half of the students are cut.  We sat two desks away from each other and spent most of our summer in studio or walking back and forth from the dorms where we had so many great conversations getting to know each other.  LUCKILY – we both got into the program and officially started dating shortly thereafter.

Tell us your proposal story. 

Sean and I dated throughout the rest of our time at Auburn and after graduation we moved to New York City.  After seven years together and getting our own apartment – I had a feeling the time was coming soon.  Many weekends passed that I thought would be the perfect time (if anyone knows Sean he makes sure he thinks everything through.)

It was Memorial Day Weekend and I was at one of my best friend’s bachelorette party at Lake Martin, and I get a call from Sean saying he got a job interview.  He had been wanting to work at this architecture firm for some time, and I was beyond excited for him.  He got the job and that next Friday he put in his two weeks notice.  I wanted to celebrate Sean and his new job, so I started calling all of our friends to go out that Friday.  Everyone was a bit hesitant, but it did not phase me, and I used my convincing skills to make everyone come out.  Little did I know Sean had alternative plans for that weekend.

The next day was a normal Saturday – went to the gym, went shopping, got a late brunch, and had plans to make margaritas at my friends rooftop later that night.  On the way to my friends apartment Sean mentioned that he wanted to drop by a pop up art gallery around the corner from our apartment. We walked into this stunning Greenwich Village town house to find what felt like a thousand balloons with photos from experiences from our seven years together.  Sean shared touching words and proposed.  It was a dream! After Sean proposed, we went into the next room where our families and some of our closest friends surprised me.  Tears of joy, hugs, and lots of champagne were shared and we continued the celebrations through the night!

One after thought – I love the Find My Friends app on my iPhone’s and all of my family and friends went through great lengths to make sure I didn’t know they were in New York.  My mom even left her cell phone in Atlanta, and my maid of honor told me her work told her she had to delete the app because she was using too much data.  This just shows the amount of thought Sean and everyone put into this to make it a perfect engagement.

Chloe, tell us what you love about Sean. 

One of the first reasons I fell in love with Sean is that we had so much in common.  We were raised by similar families, had common interests, both had career goals, and both loved to travel.

The more I got to know Sean I fell in love with his thoughtfulness.  In group situations or with just the two of us he is always thinking about others and how to make sure everyone is happy.  From planning a spring break for us and our friends while studying abroad, to making sure everyone has a drink, to calling for dinner reservations, to canceling plans he wants to do, Sean always puts others first and never thinks otherwise.

Another reason I love Sean is his calming demeanor.  If there is a stressful situation or if he is upset by something, he always portrays himself in a composed and level-headed way.  This is a very attractive quality to me and definitely balances me out.

I could go on and on….

Sean, tell us what you love about Chloe. 

Much like Chloe, I love the fact that we have so much in common. I love that we have a similar set of values and that we can both rely on each other to live up to. Outside of the things that we have in common though, I have really grown to love Chloe for our differences. I like to think that after spending a long time with someone you take a little bit of their personality and it starts to translate into your own. Chloe’s personality mirrors mine in many ways and she is constantly shaping who I am today.

I love Chloe’s constant drive, her relationship with her family, and the ways that she constantly cares for those around her. I am healthier, more driven, and more perceptive because of her constant good example. There are times where I might be reserved where she encourages me to come out of my shell. If I’m approaching an issue with too much pragmatism or too coldly, she’ll be much more perceptive and drive me to make a more caring decision. I hope that I’ve had a similar positive influence on her, but I know that she has shaped me for the better in ways that I could never do without her.

What’s interesting about your relationship that we may not know?

We designed and built a home together for a family in need during our fifth year in architecture school at Auburn University. If we can build a two bedroom home together, I’m sure that we will be able to take on any challenges that come our way in the future.



Thank you, Chloe & Sean, for sharing a little piece of your story with us. We cannot wait to celebrate you both at The Estate in Atlanta on June 9! For more of our She Said Yes series, click here.

A special thank you to Clark Brewer Photography for the extraordinary work that so perfectly embodies everything about these two.








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