She Said Yes: Morgan Drake

On this edition of our She Said Yes series, we bring you a sweet Auburn couple whose proposal story is as positively perfect as every girl dreams. We cannot wait to see these two walk down the aisle! Keep reading to see how Connor popped the question and flawlessly pulled off a romantic night Morgan will never forget.

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How did you meet? 
We met in two ways sort of. My first friend at Auburn was Mary Beth and Connor’s first friend was Zack. Mary Beth and Zack are from the same hometown and grew up together so she would always ask me to go to the KA parties with her because that’s where all of her guy friends were.  One night at a party this guy grabbed me and took me out on the dance floor and was an amazing dancer.  After the song was over and we started talking we realized we were in the Auburn Experience together. After that we stayed in touch and started going to football games and socials together, and the rest is history.
Tell us your proposal story.
We got engaged on July 21st at Connor’s family farm, his happy place. Little did I know all spring he had been building a dock over a natural spring on the property. So after work on that Friday, I thought we were going to a surprise party for a friend Connor has over by the farm. We had gotten over there early so Connor said, “Why don’t we stop by the farm and see what progress they made on the hay?” We pulled into a side gate and he stopped and said let me show you what I built for Oma, his grandmother. We got out of the truck and turned the corner, and there were lights in all of the trees and a table with a white table cloth and a bottle of Dom Pérignon and he said a bunch of sweet things and got down on one knee. It was so thoughtful and sweet and blew me away because Connor is not a planner. After the engagement, we drove up to the cabin where Kiley, his sister, had planned this whole dinner under a beautiful white tent and it was perfect! Best night ever.
Morgan, tell us what you love about Connor. 
I love many things about Connor, one in particular is his patience. He rarely gets flustered and he’s able to stay calm even when life throws you curve balls.  He is so patient, he has even taught me how to drive a stick and how to ski!
Connor, tell us what you love about Morgan. 
One of the greatest reasons I love Morgan is the way she treats people. She has a huge heart and always makes sure to make people feel happy, supported, and loved.
Share something interesting with us that we may not know about your relationship.
We have been in the process of renovating a house for the past year and a half and we have done the majority of work ourselves.  We have installed all new base boards, learned how to resurface sheet rock, and converted a hall closet into a mud room.  It has been an awesome experience and has become a hobby for both us that we enjoy doing together.
Thank you Morgan & Connor, we’re counting down the days until May 19th! For more of our She Said Yes series, click here.
Special thank you to the ever so talented Amy Arrington for the beautiful photography.

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