How to be a Bridesmaid: 101

Over the past couple of years I have gained a lot of knowledge on how to be the world’s best and worst bridesmaid. For example, during my first experience as a bridesmaid I didn’t know it was important to stay until the bride and groom made their exit…so instead I went to bed. This is a great example of me being the worst bridesmaid. However, since then I have learned how to be a good bridesmaid and compiled a list of things a bridesmaid should do and should definitely not do.  My goal for this list is that you avoid the mistakes I made and walk away with a couple of great ideas on how to be the world’s best bridesmaid. Without further ado…


Make mimosas. Buying supplies for the morning of to make mimosas is crucial. It’s the bride’s wedding day and the odds are she could use the juice. Drop a couple of raspberries or strawberries in there and you’ll look like Paula Deen.



Be late. It’s easy and important to get this one right ladies. Don’t show up late when it’s not your day. If there is one thing to remember as a bridesmaid it’s that it’s not about you! It’s all about her and how you can make the bride happy! So just remember, being late will only stress out the bride and that’s the last thing she needs.


Bring good music! Grab any sort of speaker and bring it for the morning of the wedding. Doing your hair and makeup becomes way more fun when you are dancing and singing with the bridal party to Bruno Mars.



Forget things! It sounds dumb, but you would be surprised how any times I’ve watched a bridesmaid forget her jewelry that the bride personally bought for each bridesmaid or even forget her dress. Stay focused on the essentials and what you need for the big day.


Pack an emergency kit. Extra lip stick, an extra curler, extra hairspray, extra earrings, it’s all crucial! Sure, you may not need any of it, but rather be safe than sorry and you just never know when you may need another dose of hairspray!


(Picture Credit:  Q Avenue Photo // Ann Holland & Ethan)


Butcher your toast. For the final don’t, it is very important to make sure your toast is spot on. Not too long, not too short. Not too sappy, but also not too funny. When you get up to the microphone it’s easy to get nervous and ramble. Don’t. Prepare ahead of time what you want to say about your relationship with your friend and practice it multiple times. There is a reason people say that practice makes perfect and trust me, you don’t want to be the bridesmaid that butchers her toast!


Lastly, always show mass amounts of love to the bride! It’s her day and making sure the bride is happy and feeling adored at all times is the most vital duty of a good bridesmaid!


(Picture Credit: Kim Box Photography // Wynn & Matt)

Now you have no excuse not to be the perfect bridesmaid. Celebrate your friend with class and remember that she chose you to stand beside her on her special day!



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