What do floral crowns, a craft beer truck, and breathtaking images from Brad and Jen of Nashville’s Q Avenue Photo have in common?​ Well none other than Ann-Holland and Ethan’s Swann Lake Stables wedding in Birmingham, Alabama, of course! This couple wed in March on what should have been a total wash out of a […]

Ann-Holland and Ethan: A stylish rustic wedding {Swann Lake Stables | Birmingham, AL}

Spring wedding season is in full swing around these parts and we wanted to take today’s blog spot to share some beautiful engagement photos of our bride, Ann-Holland and her fiance, Ethan. These two are tying the knot this weekend in an intimate ceremony at the Cahaba River at Swann Lake Stables here in Birmingham, […]

Ann-Holland and Ethan: Engagement session

Generally during weddings it’s always about the bride, but what about the groom? As a woman it’s so easy to forget about the groomsmen and only look at the bridesmaids. However, we can’t forget that the groomsmen are vital to the wedding party too. It’s just as much his day as her’s. After looking at […]

For Him.

As I considered this post, I couldn’t get past the textures that you get to see in the fall when it comes to celebrations. Weddings are a great time to fit so many new ideas into, but I love thinking about what this season brings to us for all types of celebrating. The simple joy […]

A Season of Textures

Over the past couple of years I have gained a lot of knowledge on how to be the world’s best and worst bridesmaid. For example, during my first experience as a bridesmaid I didn’t know it was important to stay until the bride and groom made their exit…so instead I went to bed. This is […]

How to be a Bridesmaid: 101

The look on his face. The best part of a first look is the look on the groom’s face when he finally sees his bride. When the bride gets all dolled up and she’s ready to walk down the aisle, but first she lets her groom see her…it’s priceless. I love first looks for so many […]

First Look

There are two vital parts that go into getting married. First, the boy has to ask. Second, the wedding and then…boom! Marriage. Quite often I get sucked into all the fun little aspects of the actual wedding. Yes, that is a huge part but what about the engagement?! The engagement is the giddy, no stress phase. […]


Happy happy Friday! Earlier this week I was in class (on Pinterest…cough cough) and kept stumbling upon the most stunning photos of weddings. The pictures that grabbed my attention the most were what I like to refer to as, the “getaway” photos. It’s what happens at the end of every wedding when the blissful bride […]

The Getaway

Believe it or not, but flower crowns are very in and I’m actually quite excited about it. Brides are getting more creative these days with how they are incorporating flowers in their special day. The flowers are going to their heads, literally. Whether it’s an inside or outside wedding, I have seen some of the most […]

Flower Crowns